FROM: Kathleen Lane (10/2018)

 I lived there for several years. I’ve rented for years. Of all the managers I’ve dealt with in my life. I would much rather have a stern but fair manager. I felt the manager was both of those things. The owner has made some improvements, however, I think it would behoove the owner to invest in the improvements the manager is trying to achieve. The neighbors I had there were nice, and helpful, for the most part. Considering the area of town, I felt safe, and well accommodated.
Thanks to all who work to keep it clean and safe as possible . I would move back in a second !!! 

FROM: Pammy en Kevin Gerrits from Holland (10/2018)

My husband and I traveled with our two kids from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and needed a place to overnight at Fresno, and I found this RV Park at the internet. We stayed here for one night. It was so good!! We had a lovely spot with some grass and the owner Debbi she was so kind to us. Thank you so much for your kindness, we defenitely appreciated it! My husband had some AB (just like you said) and he’s doing fine now. :)

Kindly regards
PS the kids plays a lot with the train and the indian doll

FROM: John & Rennie Leslie

Hi Debbi,
Thanks again for the welcome and the stay. You make us feel like returning old friends when we show up. And when we roll in, we see a nicer park than the one we left the time before. You must spend all your time working on the place. If not, it certainly looks like it.
See you next trip. 

FROM: Pam_xx

Our stay in Fresno from September 3 – December 11 2008 at The New Horizons RV park was an absolutely wonderful experience. We were so amazed at the care Debbie gave to all her tenants, whether they be there for a night or permanently. For anyone needing an RV park in the Fresno area, I would highly recommend hers. She runs the place like an owner, not a manager, and the amount of extra time and energy over and above normal hours that she puts in is remarkable. The care she shows for everyone, irregardless of who they are, or whether they are pleasant or not amazed us. The constant upkeep of the grounds, having lovely grass and plants to look at is so wonderful when you are traveling and so rare. She takes care of all of that.
Finally, what she does at halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas for everyone is so touching. Everything is decorated and organized by her,including fresh Christmas trees and then the meals that she lays on for those that cannot afford it or do not have any family around is heart warming.
With travel getting more expensive and good service getting harder to find, I recommend stopping by New Horizons RV Park next time you are needing a place of rest near Fresno and you will experience what we did. A wonderful, caring lady called Debbie who makes your stay a pleasure and puts your faith back in Mankind.

Thank you Debbie for being a wonderful friend.
Love always, God Bless,
PS Sorry it took so long xx

FROM: Rosetta Bullard Traveling Nurse

Hello Debbi,
I left the park on or about September 27th.
I wanted to thank everyone so much for being so kind to me and for the lovely way you take care of the park.
This is by far one of the nicest parks in Fresno. It is great to have a little distance between RVs/mobiles. The pool and the lounge furniture put in this year as well as the lounge chairs outside the laundry facility make it a great place to hang out.
It’s comfortable here at the park as well as quiet and friendly.
Thanks again so much.